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Rebecca Treeless Saddles

The Rebecca Treeless Saddles are made with 1" thick, very dense polyester felt. That we have made special for these saddles. On the bottom is 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, the seat you set on is suede leather.

The pommel and cantle are made with the 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon that is water proof and stain proof. They are then sewn on to the base of the saddle and then stuffed with polyester pillow fill.

The base of the saddle is shaped like the back of a horse and not flat.

The saddle pad that comes with it is also made of the 1" thick dense felt that is special made for these pads.
There are 2 different pads depending on the shape of the back of the horse, mule or donkey.
The normal pad: for round, barrel shaped, low or no withers.
the ridge back pad: for medium to high withers, and the hollows behind the shoulders.

There is velcro on the top of the pad and on the base of the saddle, so the pad and saddle stay as one, until you take them apart for washing.

When you first get the saddle and put it on the horse, mule or donkey it sets up a bit. When you put your weight in the saddle and the warmth from you mixed with the warmth of the animal, the saddle and pad forms to that animals back and your butt.

Always try to store the saddle from a hook or on a saddle rack.

The fenders are hung with the classic dressage style in mind. Balanced and centered.
Just like the army McChellan saddles.
And also Dressage saddles

The billets come from under the pommel and cantle. They are made like dressage billets. They come down at an angle to the girth. And down far enough to not interfere with your legs.

The girth has english roller buckles on it for easier girthing.

The buckles are at an angle to match up with the billets so the billets are not twisted at all.

We copied the army saddle rigging also. It is called a floating girth.

That means that you can put the saddle in the animals center, then you can adjust the girth to fall in the animals girth slot. To move the girth forward, loosen the back billets and tighten the front. To move the girth back, loosen the front billets and tighten the back.

If you have a problem with the saddles moving to far forward on you, it is the fault of the girth. If the girth is to far back from the girth slot, the girth will allow the saddle to come forward while it is seeking the girth slot. And vise-a-versa if the saddle goes back.

The breastplate that comes with the saddle hooks to the front billet rings. It is the polo style of breastplate. The breastplate fastened where it is, the saddle is held in place at the base of it rather than the top of the saddle. Hooking to the top of the saddle, the breastplate can pull the saddle down on the withers.

All of these different things work together to make the Rebecca Treeless Saddle very comfy for the horse, mule or donkey and the rider! :o)))))

If you have a question on something, please feel free to ask!

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and a turtle rescue!!!!! :o))))

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